IMO Tab X3 PC Tablet Paling Murah

IMO Mobile Entertainment again  release tablets Tab x3 previously been issued a IMO Tab X7. and in terms of features IMO Tab x3 no less complete than its predecessor series. of the budget price of Tab X3 IMO much cheaper price tablet is priced at only 799 thousand. Prices are pretty fantastic for a tablet PC class.

And in terms of features is also not less interesting because IMO tab X3 presents a variety of features ranging from Multimedia Player, Games, Pro OfficeSuite not miss a wireless 802.11 b / g to surf and Facebookan.

The tablet is in the Arm with Froyo android OS v.2.2 and fronted with WM8650 Chipset Processor 400Mhz, 256 MB memory. And suguhkan Resisitive Display Touch Screen TFT LCD, 800 x 400 px wide by 7-inch layer.

With low prices and features that could be considered crowded tablet is expected to attract local market, especially enthusiasts who tend to like Tablet Low Price.


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